• Donating Your Unwanted or Scrap Vehicle to Charity

    By choosing Go Green, 70% of the revenue made from your donated vehicle will go to your chosen charity, the other 30% is for admin, collection and storage. You can reassure that donating your vehicle with Go Green you are helping the environment and changing peoples lives.

    We will also help complete all necessary DVLA paperwork and when your vehicle is scrapped you will receive certification of destruction by post. So you will have peace of mind your vehicle has been recycled legally.

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    Why Should You Scrap Your Car and Donate to Charity?

    • You have decided to stop driving
    • The car is surplus to your requirement
    • Your car is worth a significant amount and you want to see the money put to a good cause
    • Your downsizing from 2 cars to the 1 car to reduce your carbon emissions
    • You want to avoid the hassle of selling a used car – placing ads, answering calls, waiting for people to turn up, haggling
    • Your moving abroad
    • Your have inherited the car but have no use for it

  • Charity Options Available

    Option 1 – We Pay You and Donate £10 to Charity

    Small Cars: £80 paid to you
    Medium Cars: £100 paid to you
    Large Cars: £120 paid to you

    Option 2 – Donate Your Vehicle to Charity

    Donate a car to charity, 30% is taken for admin and professional charges, collection and storage

    Option 3 – Kick Start

    Kick Start the community education project involving young people and vehicles

    If you would like to talk about donating your car to charity and you cant find a suitable option please contact us.

Kick Start

Go Green is pleased to be working with Kick Start the community education project involving young people and vehicles. It was developed after public concern about local crime levels and a demand for additional / alternative youth activities. The purpose is to develop opportunities, education and training in order to prepare them for working and adult life. The accelerating cost of scrap cars has hit local charity Kick Start hard, the group that gives opportunities to young people is running out of donated cars, which are used simply to be studied and not put back on the road.

We at Go Green will give £80 for vehicles donated to Kick Start to give these young ones the opportunities they deserve.

When your vehicle is finished it will go to an authorized treatment facility, also known as an ATF. This ensures that your vehicle will be disposed of correctly and legally. Under the environment agency guidelines.