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How do I get rid of my scrap car?

How do you get rid of that unwanted scrap car sat in the way you ask?? No idea where to start or where even to look? Well look no further, call us today on 07542067527 or complete our easy online form at and we'll call you back within minutes!

Do you cover my area?

We cover the whole of Greater Manchester and surrounding areas but if your unsure give us a call and we'll let you no if we can be of any help.

How does it all work??

We quote you instantly, if your happy with the price we then make arrangements to come and collect your scrap car. While we are with you we will complete all necessary DVLA documentation and make instant payment before we leave.

Where does my scrap car go?

We take it to a recycling centre where it will be fully disposed of to government standards.

It really is that simple, so dont delay get in contact with us today!!


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