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How to scrap your car

For someone who has never had to scrap their car before this question is very important.

We have been buying scrap vehicles for over 10 years and recycling them to government standards so we know exactly what we are doing and we we do it correctly!

All you need to do is give us a call with your registration number, we will quote you instantly, we need the registration as each and every car is priced differently and dependant on whether it has alloy wheels or steel wheels.

Once we’ve quoted you a price, if your happy we the arrange collection. What do you do with all the important documents you ask? We help you complete them, we show you which part to complete and all you do is post it off to the DVLA.

We will then pay you for your scrap car before we leave. We have more than one payment method so we’ll ask which you prefer.

Then that’s it, your contribution to helping the environment is complete, we then take your scrap vehicle to the recycling centre where it is disposed of to government standards.

Want to no more, give us a call today our numbers at the top of our website.


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