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Will your car make it threw this cold winter?

As it gets colder and colder are you looking at your car wondering if its even going to make it?

Older cars really take a hit in this weather so bare us in mind as we have two services to offer so don't worry.

If your out and about doing your errands and your car decides it cant take any more give us a call we'll come and get you. We offer a recovery service and we'll take you where ever you need to go whether it be straight home or to the garage to see if your car can be fixed.

The second service we offer is buying your old car, if its beyond repair or is just going to cost you too much to repair we'll give you a price what we'll pay for it, if your happy we'll come and collect it when ever is best for you, all DVLA documents are completed with you and we will make instant payment before we leave.

Your vehicle will be recycled to government standards with us Go Green.

If you want to know more have a browse through our website or give us a call our numbers at the top.


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