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About Go Green vehicle recycling

In 2009 we established Go Green Vehicle Recycling after being motivated to save our environment and from having a strong desire to create a greener future. At the time we were aware that there were lots of unregistered companies who don’t hold licenses, who just turn up to pay cash for cars and then take vehicles away without recycling properly. After realising this we decided to help the environment by recycling vehicles ourselves and by doing it the right way. At Go Green we take vehicle recycling seriously, we make sure that vehicles are taken to the proper vehicle recycling centers whilst also making sure that all the necessary DVLA paperwork is completed. All this is done at no additional cost as we provide the best competitive prices for all of our customers.



Contributing to a greener planet one vehicle at a time. Go Green!


Recycle 3000 vehicles each year by 2030, increasing year on year.



Honest is at the foundation of our customer relationship management.

Commitment to customers

Customers are at the heart of any business, and we will treat you that way. 


We are passionate about contributing to a greener future.


We lead by practicing what we preach and by showing others how it should be done.


Trust us to scrap your car the right way. Ask us for proof.


We believe in creating the simplest process for our customers.

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