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Why do people scrap there car?

One of the most common reasons why people scrap their car is because of a road accident, their car is beyond repair and not able to be put back on the road. We will buy your scrap car and pay you the best price for it.

Another reason is MOT failure, is your car going to cost too much to repair or even more than your cars worth to repair then we will buy it, all we need is your vehicle reg and we will quote you instantly.

There are some cases where you've just not had the time to do anything with that old unwanted car and you've just left it sat on the drive but now you could do with the space?

Once you've called and we've quoted you a price, if your happy we can come and collect that very same day or when ever is best for you. We complete all DVLA paperwork with you and make instant payment.

Fully registered with the environmental agency you can put your trust in us.

Recycle that old unwanted scrap car of yours today and do it with us the Go Green way!


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