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Looking for a scrap yard?

Are you looking at that scrap car sat on the drive? Thinking ' Where's the nearest scrap yard to me?' Do you live in Manchester or a surrounding area? Well stop right there! Don't start searching the internet, filling in form after form, ringing round to find out whose offering the best price. Do one thing..... Call us today.

We'll give you the best price for your unwanted scrap car, we'll come and collect it free of charge, complete all DVLA documents with you and make instant payment before we take your scrap car away.

We'll never haggle with you on the price like some companies do when they get to you, the price we say is always the price we will pay.

We are fully registered with the environmental agency and have all necessary scrap licences, so put your trust in us that your scrap car will be recycled correctly.

Give us a call today 07542067527 or head over to our website, we have a simple form that you can complete and we'll call you back in minutes


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