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Tyre recycling

Updated: Feb 12, 2020

Tyre recycling is the process of recycling waste tyres that are no longer suitable for use on vehicles due to wear or even irreparable damage. Tyres are banned from landfill sites, it is estimated that 1 billion tyres reach the end of their life in one year. With that said, nearly 100% of waste tyres are recovered and recycled in some form.

Legally both manufacturer and end of life users are responsible for disposing of waste tyres responsible. Vehicle manufacturers and tyre dealers must ensure that any waste products are recovered and handled by a registered waste carrier even after leaving the businesses premises.

Waste tyres must be stored correctly following the rules and regulations. Tyre fires, in particular, can be very harmful to people and the environment by releasing chemicals and hazardous waste. Detailed fire risk assessments are carried out to prevent fires from occurring as well as coordinating with local authorities and regulators to enforce the best practices are adhered to.

Recycling tyres helps limit the number of new materials needed to manufacture new ones, resulting in our worlds natural resources are protected for future use. Also, recycling tyres help reduce pollution caused by tyres being dumped in landfills, lakes, streams and our woodland areas.

Recycling tyres also saves a significant amount of energy that would otherwise be used for manufacturing new ones. Ultimately leading to the reduction in our greenhouse gases.

Once steel and any other excess material is moved from the end of life tyre the rubber can be shredded an ground into a new material called crumb rubber which is used for a variety of other uses, such as -

Playground flooring

carpet underlay

rubberised asphalt for road surfaces

speed bumps

mudguards for vehicles

welcome mats

and many more……

When your tyres are at the end of their life, take them to be recycled, do your bit for the environment.


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